Erasmus Policy Statement [EPS]

Erasmus Policy Statement [EPS]


The Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam (IUASR)’s internationalisation strategy as a Higher Education Institution (HEI) aims to strengthen its national and international position in education, research and knowledge valorisation. Internationalisation is a key strategic pillar at the IUASR for its students to gain invaluable experience, do research and innovate. The IUASR has a unique history that builds upon a unique combination of Islamic Studies in the West. Our international strategy sets out on how to reinforce to build on the Dutch academic and Theological tradition to enforce new perspectives for our students and the market. Internationalisation is a strategic pillar for the IUASR for her students to gain: invaluable experience, do research, innovate and contribute to a sustainable educational environment. The IUASR spears to encounter various international activities inspiring students and staff within national and beyond, in the international community. The institution intends to realize this through mobility [Key Action 1], cooperation [Key Action 2] and development of policy [Key Action 3] within the Erasmus+ Programme.


We intend to increase the international interaction of our institution and students, that will raise the Erasmus+ and IUASR profile in the international arena. This requires an outset of cooperation to thrive in the years ahead. The modern ever-changing society and the role of a traditional theologian requires the broadening of this academic knowledge, insight and knowledge exchange in a vast global arena. We want to give a considerable and strong sense of knowledge exchange to our students by providing the opportunity for mobility. Being able to do research, see new environments in a dynamic international social, cultural and business life.

Besides creating an international learning environment we wish to improve the intercultural competences of domestic as well as outgoing and incoming students. This in order to be able to improve upon knowledge on a continuous basis. We also encourage the participation of disadvantaged backgrounds and provide special needs for them as much as possible, if any applicant from this target group would desire to apply for mobility.
Internationalization is spearheaded in all global policies and entails technological advancement which contributes to a greater competition and significant borderless education. Eventually, we hope to prepare students who are adapt to build upon the scientific tradition in a world that needs sophisticated and consists a culturally diverse future with many new challenges and opportunities.


One of the key aims of internationalisation is to create sophisticated well-rounded professional theologians by:

– Academic programmes that meet the needs of a global workforce and which enables students to become global citizens and develop graduates that are employable globally;

– Endeavouring to attract staff and academic visitors that have an international understanding and profile;

– Increasing international recognition and accreditation of its portfolio of courses;

– Attract the best scholars through merit based scholarships;

– Recognising and addressing the needs of a diverse staff community;

– Supporting the needs of a diverse student community that supports learning and student experience;

– Initiating innovation.

Raise the University’s profile overseas

Raising the profile of the University and thus extending the global reach to enhance the student community. Building and leveraging on the strength of the University’s regional and national profile, the university will raise its international profile through strategic alliances, global events and securing a visible international presence.

Core Values

Inspiration, ambition, independence and commitment are the core values that guide the conduct and attitude of the staff and students at the Islamic University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam.


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U kunt uw zakat, aalmoezen, donaties en giften over maken via uw bank of Paypal knopje. Naam: Stichting IUASR
IBAN: NL 18 INGB 0675 4552 19

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